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We often hear that dogs should know who the master is, and therefor lots of people often tend to yell or smack/hit dogs to let dogs know who the master is.

Well, i must admit, i did kind of that ‘method’. My dogs seemed so obedient at that time. He never pee inside the house, if we’re in my room and he needed to pee he would scratch or barked at the door then gave me the look ” open the door please” , he easily understood if i call him or told him to go outside , or to sit, even if i was about to clean up the house he knew he should go outside. What matters is, as he grown up (just like kids in junior high school, kids around that age mostly tend to rebel) he started to rebel and” sarcastic” (it’s probably because the way i taught him & he remembers my attitude) . As two other boys came in , he’s filled with jealousy (with the new boys, i don’t do that method anymore), so he started to mad at the new boys just like the way i taught him in the past…(oh dear…**sigh**)

Well, here’s the tip :

If your dog pees everywhere , wipe it with tissue and put the tissue in a place meant to be his ‘pee’ territory, then wash the stained tile with soap or strong scented liquid. Make sure your dog smells it, then take them to where the tissues putted. Do it every time, your dog needs to get used to it, be patient, later your dog will know the difference. Try to hang out with your dog every time you have time, so your dog will recognize your scent, and he/she’ll aware that you have your own ‘ territory’.

If you mad at your dog (caused of any cases) , don”t yell , don’t smack, just talk to them firmly. While you talk to them, make sure you make them bow or sit (or if you can’t make your dog sit, down to the level of your dog’s eyes, see your dog’s eyes and tell your dog that you’re mad) keep doing until your dog sit. Watch your dog’s tail then, if it still swished, it means your dog doesn’t now that you are mad. You may need lots of patience to do this, but if this work, your dog is officially understand that you’re the master.

Thing still goes on, don’t stop there. Sometimes when they see us mad, they might have ask an apology ( usually they’ll sit and reach out part of our body by swinging their hand and make silly – pathetic face) , well, don’t fall for it!… Keep your authority. Stick to the thing that causes you mad. It’ll explain them that you’re not to be played, and they’ll understand the consequences if they did unacceptable attitude, somehow they will know they must follow the rule.

Good luck, and tell your dog i say hello =)



  1. hai…kok rumahnya banyak banget? dah mulai kaya nih…hehehehe (heran nih..ternyata ajeng suka selingkuh…dari pake blog ampe nyang atu ni)

  2. hohoho..u r fans of also 😎

    nice story..i like it..i think u r a smart girl 😉

    betewe, thx dah maian ke blogku ya Jeng 🙂

    salam kenal

  3. first: this isn’t your best article (for dog hatred like “moi”)
    second: naaawww i see.. you moved your previous article huh? inconsistency!
    third: i demand a new post in every three days in this blog (mampus lo! kekekkk)
    fourth: i suggest you to move that myflashfetish to the right bottom of this blog.

  4. oo.. one more thing..

    please post about something else.. not dog’s fans here..

  5. wakakaka..buset dah..non santi bisa galak juga ya 😆

    oppps..sorry, i have to speak english here 😀

    *i already put your blog in my link also*

  6. Si Mbah : “Sayang…Si Mbah ndak ngerti basa Linggis….taunya basa Jepang….kekekekeh…!!!”

  7. @ Jejaka Kampung:
    Huehehehhehe…tenang mas..ini cuma soft lauching buat bikin yang engga-engga kok (ketawa rahasia)..untuk urusan crita-crita mah tetepppp di situu tuuu geggegeg

    @ Febra
    Hehe…namanya juga barang gratisan…kan semua orang pasti demen =p hehehe…salam kenal juga mas =), pastinya nti aku main-main lagi ke blog sampeyan =)

  8. Dogs are like kids too. Give them lots of love and you’re sure to be loved back. Thanks for dropping by 😉 Have a fun weekend.

  9. @ a simple life
    Yes they are 😉 have a nice weekend too 🙂

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