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Dogs are better showered with warm water, but if there’s no water heater in house, it’s also possible to shower them with non-hot (normal, not too cold) water. But be prepared, dogs are genius and they can remember each things ever made them feel uncomfortable. So it is our duty – dog lovers- to make the showering time as fine and fun as we wanted them to remain it.

So anyway, Never watering them exactly on their face, first of all you can rub dog’s face with water carefully (it’ll make them feel comfort), then go to their feet, don’t go to dog’s body right away, the water may shocks your dog and dog will easily trembled with cold. If they tremble and make little noises, it means they don’t feel too comfortable. You can see dog’s reaction when they feel ‘okay’ enough to adapt with the water. Look at their eyes to help them feel that way, Then go watering under dog’s neck, do it caressing-like. After that go watering all dog’s body (do it from below part of dog’s body then slightly go to the side of the body, last, dog’s upper body)

After all dog’s body wet, rub the shampoo carefully from neck then rub all over dog’s body. Dogs enjoy conversation, so we may ‘talk’ to them while showering them. It’ll distract the fact that they’re wet (some dogs feel annoyed enough with water ). Don’t forget to clean up all the shampoo (yes, dogs, can have dandruff too).

Last, let dog swished his/her body to get rid of the water, then wipe dog’s face , continue to neck then all the body with towel (towel better be prepared around the bathing space first so our lovely dog doesn’t have to wait too long for us running to get the towel). The very last, we may play with them by using the towel. They’ll have fun and that’s what they’ll remember about getting showered. =p


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