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Me , Writing at just this moment;

I today sit at the back of some place, not knowing where it comes from, i just suddenly think about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Since I’m a huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S serial, I’m wondering how could Pitt left Jen (Jennifer Aniston). Jolie is indeed an irresistible creature; she has everything, body, heart and dedication [we all know she’s UN ambassador].What amuses me is, what’s up with Jen, how couldn’t she still be the winner in Pit’s heart(?).

Well, i’m not a fan of Jen, Pitt or Jolie and am not writing this to compare relationship ever happened with Pitt and Jen to Pit and Jolie’s. I’m just about to focus on Jolie. All of us might know she already lived together with Pitt before their marriage and took lots of plastic surgeon to “repair” her nose, lips and breast. We all aware that plastic surgeon and living together without marriage is not taken too well by all community, especially in this country. In other hand she’s now working for UN and do it pretty well. She also raises two stepchildren ( Chinese and Afro) she met within duty, which i think a very good thing of her. So humanitarian.

——————– what is about religion then? ——————-

I catch a glimpse of someone’s mother then. Religious one, loves her daughter a lot. This mother is someone i frequently see in my work. She’s a kind of a mother who would step up for her children’s life at all time, at all occasion- good ones, bad ones, problem etc, even when she’s not needed. In my opinion, instead of being a good mother, she’s just a mother who doesn’t let her kids to stand on their own. She may looked like an angel. Her patience is beyond mine that’s for sure, but somehow her eyes tell that she disrespect people who she thinks is below her capacity as human. Maybe, she’s good in religion, but it doesn’t mean she should feel she’s better than every living person in this earth who don’t know or do detail ‘protocols’ in a religion [simple instance: go to church every sunday, read the bible, etc]. In my opinion it shouldn’t be considered as something bad as long as the person feels to improve, wish to be better and better each day she/he breathes the air.

‘Protocols’ does help people to increase and improve their religious sense so they can do better in life. Religion is a good thing, no doubt. What bothers me is how come people who did all ‘protocols’ claims as religious then tend to think they’re better and judge people who don’t. How about the essence of religion itself? Does the essence a.k.a the faith in God, faith in kindnesses and goodnesses of all Prophets ever lead us to do should be replaced just with these ‘protocols’?

What do you think of Angelina Jolie then? is she ‘below’ you as a human?



  1. angelina jolie is hotter than Jen, thats why she won pits heart..wakakakaka 😆

    * cushh..ngacir 😛

  2. I suggest you (and myself) to consider human as human. Religion is a system, the perfect one, flawless. And contrary to that, human is not a system and will never be “perfect” – there will always be a human error in our life, correct?

    So, you shouldn’t bother people who claim themselves as religious person but does human error (like being snob, etc). Because that’s pretty normal. What you should bother is, whether you (and us) could follow that flawless “system”.

    -the end-

  3. basically, it’s how the people reflect/applicate their religion value to their real life.. 😉

  4. @ Febra:
    lol …lelaki…lelaki…(kekekekek)

    @ Santi :
    Indeed, what you said really does make sense.
    But i gotta say that bottom line of the writing was simply about my thought questioning…Shouldn’t they ( who claim their selves as religious ) have better control to do less human error (like being snob etc), since that’s what religions are for (?)
    Then again, i try not to bother people who claim as ones, so far this is what i had on mind : people who claims their selves as one is never be one. Real (religious) ones were claimed by others, not by their own selves. Otherwise they’re Prophet.

    @ Theloebizz:

  5. Hi again friend! How should I call you? You can call me Liza and I’m from the Philippines, what about you?

    Thanks for always dropping by. 🙂

    Have a great week ahead.

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